Getting to know Colophon

What is Colophon?

Colophon is a set of open source tools that enables teams to catalogue their software projects, and act as a single source of truth for all non-technical data!

non-technical data?

Usually within large teams, hundreds of software repositories exist, where information get lost frequently. information such as:

  • Ownership (Department, Teams, Individuals, ...)

  • Schedules (Launch, Sunset, ...)

  • Environments (Production & Staging, Databases, Reporting, ...)

  • External References (Issue Tracking Board, Wikis, Cost Sheets, Roadmaps, ...)

What are some of the use cases for using Colophon?

  • Quickly scan through repositories for human readable and business information beyond code

  • Create reports on project health and ownership

  • Codify business & operational concerns that are typically undocumented

    • Timelines and scheduled operations around the project (e.g. sunset date)

    • external references to the project (e.g. kanban board, budget)

  • Use in CI/CD tooling to annotate your artefacts / notify owners

  • Correlation of application instances and source code through exposing the project's id value in HTTP Headers / HTML Meta