Getting to know Colophon

What is Colophon?

Colophon is a set of open source tools that enables teams to catalogue their software projects, and act as a single source of truth for all non-technical data!

non-technical data?

Usually within large teams, hundreds of software repositories exist, where information get lost frequently. information such as:
    Ownership (Department, Teams, Individuals, ...)
    Schedules (Launch, Sunset, ...)
    Environments (Production & Staging, Databases, Reporting, ...)
    External References (Issue Tracking Board, Wikis, Cost Sheets, Roadmaps, ...)

What are some of the use cases for using Colophon?

    Quickly scan through repositories for human readable and business information beyond code
    Create reports on project health and ownership
    Codify business & operational concerns that are typically undocumented
      Timelines and scheduled operations around the project (e.g. sunset date)
      external references to the project (e.g. kanban board, budget)
    Use in CI/CD tooling to annotate your artefacts / notify owners
    Correlation of application instances and source code through exposing the project's id value in HTTP Headers / HTML Meta
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